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One - on - One  Coaching

You can put an end to talking yourself out of performance opportunities, stop the tug-of-war with anxiety and break free from procrastination. 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve worked with many professional and aspiring artists who tried to manage their anxiety by taking beta-blockers, alcohol, therapy, or visualisation techniques – only to feel nothing has changed or nothing works for them. 

My unique coaching packages are designed to support you in becoming the performer you always wanted to be.

With a scientifically backed  analytical and holistic approach  that allows you to

  • Be more present (rather than lost in your head),

  • Notice your recurring habits and patterns,

  • Let go of nasty critical thoughts,

  • Engage in valued actions so that you can perform despite the nerves (and even enjoy it!),

You can  feel the joy of performing again — for yourself and for an audience.

Pick  Your Pack

Performance  Poise

I am a singermusician or actor, and I want more confidence when performing on stage or in the studio.

  • I am already at a comfortable place with my technique and repertoire. 

  • I want to feel more satisfaction and joy when I perform.

  • I want to embody the character and be a better storyteller too.

  • I tried some self-help techniques, tools, or therapy before but still get jittery at the thought of performing for an audience.

Vocal  Confidence

I am a singer or actor, and I’d like to troubleshoot my vocal technique and improve my performance skills.

  • I have a good vocal technique but could use some fine-tuning for efficiency and  sustainability.

  • I want to feel more comfortable and confident when singing or speaking.

  • I want to enjoy the music, feel connected to fellow musicians, and have more fun too.

  • I’d love to have an accountability partner to keep me on the right track as I grow. 

Speaker  Empowerer

I am a presenter or speaker, and I want to increase my authenticity and presence.

  • I recently got a new role where I will frequently speak to an audience and need to impress them.

  • I kind of (or want to!) enjoy being in the spotlight, but could benefit from some tools to manage the shaky hands and self-doubt. 

  • I don’t want a cookie-cutter approach to presentation and public speaking, I want to feel authentic.

Want to  have a chat  and see which program is right for you?

Let's  meet  over tea (or coffee, your choice!):

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