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When being on stage fills you with

dread and self-criticism,

you can’t be in the moment or

bring your whole beautiful self to your art.

I teach musicians how to

tamp down their nerves

so they can find the fun again and

turn the stage into their playground.


Singers & Musicians

  • I am a professional singer or musician, and I have an upcoming important performance that I want to ace.

  • My repertoire is ready and I know the music well, but I’m still nervous and fear my performance won’t be good enough.

  • I want to know how to overcome nerves and inner talk so I can give the kind of impactful, meaningful performance I know I can give.

  • I am interested in performance coaching and want to try it.

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Audition Saver Coaching

Get a personalised strategy to manage nerves and stay focused for an upcoming performance or audition in this single 90-minute session



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Peaceful Performer Coaching

Let go of worries and fears, and love performing again — for yourself and for an audience



  • I am a professional singer or musician, and I want more confidence when performing on stage or in the studio.

  • I find performances draining and I am afraid I will not be able to handle the stress over time.

  • I know that I will need to put in the work every day to reach my goals, and I am ready to commit (it is better than the alternative of staying stuck or quitting altogether).

  • I tried some self-help techniques, tools, or therapy before but still get jittery at the thought of performing for an audience.

  • I need an outside eye to offer some perspective on the challenges I experience, as well as accountability and hand holding.

Music Teachers

  • I am a music teacher, and I see my students struggle with performance anxiety far too often.

  • I have some great (or potentially great) students who are held back by self-consciousness, nerves, and fear of judgement – sometimes even from me.

  • I have some knowledge of performance anxiety and I can recognise some symptoms in my students, but I don’t always know how to approach this.

  • I could also use some coaching tools to set better artistic goals and define actionable steps to track my students’ progress in my studio.

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Performance Anxiety

in the Music Studio

Learn the tools to help your students

fly higher without fear in this group program

(Coming in 2024)

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