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30/30 Interview

Share your experiences with me for 30 minutes of free coaching

  • 1 h
  • Online Meeting

What to expect:

Are you a professional singer or musician but performance anxiety is hampering your success? - Do you worry more about what the audience might think rather than the music you’re playing? - Leave auditions cursing yourself for not giving it your best — again? - Hear 99 positive comments, but only remember and think about the negative one? - Feel like you are mindlessly going through motions at best, freaking and blanking out at worst? - Talk yourself down for every mistake so that you don’t slack off or get too comfortable? - Have very high standards for yourself, but also low self-esteem? If you feel like you are a talented and hard-working musician, and that nerves shouldn’t even be an issue but it comes up at every turn, I’d love to talk to you. In this free 30/30 session, there will be: 30 minutes for me to ask you some market research questions, and 30 minutes for you to get bite-sized tools for any anxiety-related challenges you experience — in full confidentiality. It will be fun, I promise!

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