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for Musicians

How Much:   £27(about $35)

What’s Included:

  • Taming Your Inner Critic Masterclass Recording (60-minutes)

  • Taming Your Inner Critic For Musicians Workbook (Google Docs & PDF)

What You Need to Know

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Deep down, you know you were born to share your music with the world.

But let's be real here…


You've also let that nagging voice inside your head sabotage countless opportunities that could have propelled your career to new heights.


You've convinced yourself time and time again that you're not good enough, not ready, not deserving of success.


Sure, you've put in the work:


Countless hours have been dedicated to honing your skills, tirelessly perfecting every technique and refining every performance aspect.


Yet, despite your efforts, a suffocating cloud of self-doubt looms over you whenever you step onto that stage or dare to dream big.


So you keep going, either accepting the negative inner talk as inevitable or hoping it’ll lessen over time (but it doesn’t) - which turns practice sessions into chores and performances into events you dread. 


It might even make you question whether you are meant to be doing this at all.

The discouraging grip of self-doubt and the relentless negative inner monologue should NEVER make you question the path of your musical journey.

Ready to break free from that self-doubting & self-sabotaging inner voice



Many of us have realistic musical goals.

They are not even big, outrageous goals. 

Yet every time we try, our minds are filled with self-criticism and reasons why we will never achieve them.

Such as...

"I'm not good enough compared to other musicians."

"I'll never be able to master this technique or skill."

"I'm just a fraud pretending to be a musician."

"I'll never reach the level of success I aspire to."

"I'll never be as talented as [insert musician's name]."

"My music isn't unique or original enough to stand out."

"I'll never overcome my stage fright or performance anxiety."

But every day, we see people who may not even put in the same level of effort as us achieve such goals.


It’s tough. It makes us wonder... 


What makes them different?


Maybe they’re bold, decisive and willing to fail over and over again. 


Maybe they don’t allow negative self-talk to engulf their everyday actions. 

Maybe they know how to handle self-doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts like a pro.

It’s a learned skill — which is a major component of the mental toolbox that is missing from most performing arts education.

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I specialise in supporting musicians through the labyrinth of self-doubt, enabling them to rediscover their confidence in their hard-earned abilities.


If you've come this far, maybe you've tried a few things to 'get over' or 'get through' your inner criticism. 

Things like...

  • Ignoring the negative thoughts and hoping they'll eventually fade away.

  • Engaging in positive affirmations to counteract the self-doubt.

  • Seeking validation and reassurance from others to boost your confidence.

  • Distracting yourself with other activities to temporarily escape the grip of negative self-talk.

  • Pushing yourself harder, thinking that achieving greater success will finally silence the inner critic.

While these approaches may provide temporary relief, deep down, you know they don't address the root cause of the problem. 

It's time to explore a more transformative solution that will empower you to reach your true potential as a musician (and have fun doing it!).

In over 6 years of teaching, I’ve seen my students struggle with this again and again.

Over the years, I’ve developed an evidence-based framework to help them handle self-criticism and negative self-talk, so they can give their best performances.


My framework includes 5 key components:

  • Learn the transformative power of the "Observer Mind" technique, guiding you to take courageous baby steps even when self-doubt threatens to overwhelm you.

  • Defeat the negative thoughts with the empowering "Change Your Focus" exercise, effectively taking action towards your goals despite the self-doubting inner talk.

  • Set genuine, heart-driven goals with a grounded journaling tactic that combines your passion and analytical mind, ensuring your commitment and excitement.

  • Build rock-solid self-esteem through four actionable steps, so that you know you are worthy of your place in the musical world.

  • Cultivate self-compassion with a simple twice-a-day exercise, strengthening your resilience to persevere even in the face of failure.

After working with Gökçe, I am now able to begin moving away from the barriers and negative patterns that have restricted me, and start practising with confidence and enjoyment! 

Simone S. (Actor, Singer & Teacher)


If you skipped the whole page and came right here because you are tired of long sales pages filled with manipulative fluff before you can finally see the price (yes, I hate those too)...

Here’s a summary:

I have a 60-minute power-packed masterclass which can quickly kick your self-defeating thoughts to the curb and replace them with carefully designed actions to reach your musical goals and lead a fulfilling career.


It costs £27 (about $35).


In addition to the masterclass recording, you will also get the Taming Your Inner Critic Workbook to implement these strategies quickly and easily.

I invite you to join me on this masterclass where you will gain the tools and insights to free yourself from self-doubt and finally reach your career dreams to make a meaningful impact with your music.

Ready to finally silence that negative inner dialogue 
and take control of your career?

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