Vocal  Confidence  Coaching

A combination of performance coaching and vocal troubleshooting for aspiring and professional singers.

So much more than a regular singing lesson: It's a complete package that works with fears and anxiety around performing, while providing practical and scientific vocal technique tips for immediate results.

Find the joy in singing again, reconnect with your voice and values, learn techniques for sustainable vocalisation, silence your inner critic and elevate your performances.

You are here because you love singing and performing (or you used to). You also feel your technique could be brushed up a little, and you could enjoy singing more if you did not experience so much performance anxiety.

You’ve tried practicing more, taking lessons, trying to push through the nerves – and felt frustration and despair in return. You know singing should be exhilarating, but somehow your brain did not get the memo. After all, why else would you panic and criticise yourself so harshly when you are doing something you love?

It is easy to fall into habits like procrastinating practice and putting yourself down for every mistake. It is also easy to feel less than, like you are not meant to be doing this anyway. And let's not forget the fear that keeps you stuck in practice mode, perfecting your technique, instead of finally going on the stage and sharing your voice with an audience.

Let me help you get the joy back.

Hello  singers!

Important  Bits


  • Where: Fully online over Zoom.

  • When: Twice monthly 90-minute calls, with flexible days and times to suit your busy schedule.

  • How long: Minimum commitment of 3 months but after that, you can stay with me as long as you like or you can cancel any time.

  • How much: £350 per month. Most clients prefer Paypal or credit card, but direct bank deposit is also possible. 

** Option to switch some coaching sessions for:

  •  A single consultation session such as InterStrength Personality Type Discovery or a Visual Artist Image Design,

  • An outsourced task such as branding or web design (all things I used to teach and can do for you!)

What's Included

  • This package combines the most effective parts of evidence based voice pedagogy, Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT), mindfulness and meditation, tapping (EFT / TFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), self-care and lifestyle reviews, self-compassion techniques, customised hypnotherapy recordings and Jungian coaching to help you break free from anxiety, procrastination and self-doubt.

  • Also includes troubleshooting or polishing your vocal technique, microphone training and recording skills.

  • Weekly handouts, worksheets, recordings of mindfulness exercises and hypnosis tracks.

  • Email and instant message support for accountability and quick questions.

What's Not Included

  • A one-size-fits-all approach (or a "single best way"). Each step of coaching is designed specifically for your goals, so every client has a unique journey honouring their individuality.

  • Anything you are not interested in, or not willing to try. That's the benefit of having many tools at one's disposal, we can pick and choose what works best for you.

  • Any kind of judgement or evaluation. Being totally yourself is supported and encouraged, as well as making mistakes!

  • There are no pre-recorded educational videos. Everything is live in sessions.

  • It is not possible for me to accompany you due to lagging. You must bring your own instrumental backing tracks.

Is This For You?

Let's get this straight: This is an intense programme for aspiring and professional singers.

  • If you think other singers are naturally thicker skinned than you, they don't experience performance anxiety at all, and that you will never be like them, this programme is not for you. 

  • Unless you can dedicate 90-minutes every week, plus 10-15 minutes every day, then this programme is not for you. 

  • If you are not a singer but you are interested in performance coaching for musicians and actors, try the Performance Poise programme instead.

  • If you are a speaker or presenter, try the Speaker Empowerer programme instead.

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