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I offer


Music Performance Anxiety and

Mental Resilience Support


For professional and educational institutions to better support their employees or students

Performance Anxiety Tools 101

Research suggests up to 81% of musicians are affected by performance anxiety. In recent years, performers were inevitably hit hard by the pandemic and unfortunately they did not have many opportunities for public performance experience. Based on the similarly named newer psychotherapy approach Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, this training offers musicians an empirically supported way out of performance anxiety.

Recent studies, including my own MA research project, have shown very promising outcomes for ACT-based coaching interventions in musicians’ performance and wellbeing. Unlike other modalities which focus on reducing or eliminating symptoms, ACT teaches performers how to be focused and flexible in the presence of stress and anxiety symptoms. This workshop provides practical ACT tools and lifestyle tips to reduce stress and anxiety as well as background on why performance anxiety happens, what the risk factors are, and what symptoms look like. 

Cultivating A Sustainable Career

Studies show that 66% of musicians experience burnout at least once throughout their careers. This workshop aims to provide musicians with the tools they need in order to have a sustainable, long-lasting career without burnout. Topics covered include mindfulness, sleep and nutrition, dealing with mistakes and criticism, and being kind to yourself. In addition to practical advice, the workshop also aims to improve self-confidence, resilience and mental health awareness for musicians. 

Mental Health Tools for Musicians

Research shows that 71% of musicians have experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety while 68% have reported depression. This workshop is designed for musicians at any stage in their career, with the goal of introducing them to a wide range of tools for mental health, resilience and wellbeing. The focus is on developing practical tools to manage stress and uncertainty, allowing musicians to enjoy a fulfilling creative practice while improving their physical and mental health.

Mindfulness for Musicians

Mindfulness is an increasingly popular practice which focuses on maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and the surrounding environment without judgement. This workshop aims to help musicians learn how to reduce stress, improve their focus, maintain a clear state of mind, increase presence and performance quality, and generally enhance their music making experience through mindfulness.

Signature Workshop Topics

For any questions or bespoke workshop requests, please contact me.

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