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Sounteria Ltd and Gökçe Kutsal are not liable for your personal health decisions from the information provided. Information that is given on the blog, newsletter, e-mails, consultations, Instagram and educational videos are not intended to be a substitute for your mental care provider. All matters regarding your personal health require medical supervision by either a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or other healthcare professionals. The information and advice found on this site should be relayed first to your healthcare professional before being applied directly to your life. Information found on this website, or in any of its publications should not be used to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease.  Sounteria Ltd and Gökçe Kutsal cannot vouch or be held liable for any information provided by a guest on its blog, videos and podcasts. Any information that is provided by the guest should be approved by your healthcare professional as well.


Sounteria Ltd and Gökçe Kutsal will not be held liable for any personal loss or damages that occur from the information provided. By reading / applying the information in our blog, listening to any of our podcasts, watching videos on our Instagram account, or reading / applying any material presented in these media, all viewing parties will concede any legal action against the website, its owners, guests, and employees if damages occur. Gökçe Kutsal is not a psychiatrist, therapist, or healthcare professional, nor claims to be one; rather these resources are available for relaying information for general purposes only. All information obtained from this site, before being applied to one’s life, MUST be approved first by a medical professional.


All information on the website including this disclaimer might change without notice.

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