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Like many musicians, I used to feel lost when planning and structuring effective practice sessions to reach my musical goals.

Maybe you:

  • Find yourself practicing aimlessly, with no real plan or direction...

  • Feel like you're not making progress or don't know what to focus on next...  

  • Or practicing is so boring that you cannot bring yourself to practice at all.

I know the feeling. 

Truth is, I wasn't making any progress and it was so frustrating.

I would blame myself for being lazy and wonder how others could do it consistently — and it was taking a toll on my confidence.

But it wasn't that I was lazy or unskilled.

I just didn't know how to practice effectively without boring myself to tears.

Planner v2.png

This planner is designed by a lazy musician (a.k.a. me!) to help fellow musicians
practice purposefully and achieve their musical goals with
minimal boredom


Now, I'd like to offer you a choice.

I love the idea of free being actually free, and my philosophy is that it's not free if you're paying for it with your e-mail address.

With that said, I'd love to have you in my e-mail community where I share monthly tips on overcoming performance anxiety, self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination for a fulfilling career. Occasionally I also send out some gifts and let you know if I am working on something that might be of interest to you.


Plus, you get exclusive access to my cat's most judgemental photos when you subscribe to my letters!

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Share your email address so I can personally reach out and offer you a discounted Audition Saver session in addition to my monthly letters:

Thank you! Click here to download the planner

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Or if you just want to download the planner, with no strings attached, click here:

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